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Wedding Insurance

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a couple’s day special. From the dress to the food, we know you want everything perfect. Insurance might be the last thing on your mind during the planning process, but it should be the first!  We give the gift of peace of mind to you as you plan your wedding. On a day when nobody wants anything to go wrong, We can make sure it turns out right.

We can cover one-day events with fewer than 500 attendees. The rehearsal date can be covered for no additional charge.  We also offer a comprehensive list of additional coverages for lost deposits, damage to attire, cancellation or postponement, gifts, jewelry and photography and video.

Wedding Insurance


This coverage can provide protection for wedding hosts or service providers if someone trips and falls or is otherwise injured at the wedding. It can also provide protection if you hold the event on someone else’s premises and you or one of your guests damages their property during the event.


If someone is drinking at the wedding and injures someone while driving home, the host or the alcohol service provider could be held liable. This coverage can offer protection for a potential lawsuit against you for negligent service of alcohol.


If a guest gets injured during the wedding, this coverage can provide reasonable medical expenses for each guest who is injured.


Some entities such as homeowner associations, nonprofits or other organizations with an incidental host liquor exposure need a cost-effective solution for the various events they hold throughout the year. This product provides a solution for those entities that have an annual general liability policy that lacks host liquor coverage. It includes assault or batter coverage and has no deductible or premises limitation. Where alcohol is involved, anything can happen. Don’t leave things to chance - consider this important insurance.